the point

The Point

“If you believe love should be uncritical, you may soon be thinking that I do not love this church. But my experience has been that to be a member of the United Church of Christ is, almost by definition, to be a critic of it. To be uncritical is to be the real oddball in this church. Perhaps to be uncritical is to be un-Christian”.

-From The United Church of Christ Tomorrow, THEOLOGY AND IDENTITY: TRADITIONS, MOVEMENTS, AND POLITY IN THE UCC (Pilgrim Press: 1990), edited by Dan Johnson

and Charles Hambrick-Stowe

Generally speaking, the local churches of the United Church of Christ do a tremendous and faithful job of ministering to their members and community. However, over the last few decades, the national offices of the United Church of Christ have shifted away from the needs of the local church and have set on a course of dishonest political activism that few in the local church are aware of and, often unknowingly, contribute to.

The purpose of this site is to discern what is truthful and factual and to challenge those in the national office to be honest in their pronouncements. Most of the content on this site references third party information sources.

This website is also intended to be a central resource for links to current news items about the UCC.

This site does not represent any particular theological or political belief – and is not affiliated in any way with any interest group within the UCC.

The site is maintained by James Hutchins ( in Cleveland, Ohio with input and tips from members of the message boards.

-September, 2003


Any employee of the UCC national office or leaders of any of the UCC Conferences are welcome to submit their own commentary which will be posted, unedited at the top of the site, at any time. To submit an article, simply email with the article attached and with a day time phone number to verify submission.